Ningbo Fuhongsi Electric Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Fuhongsi Electric Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise specializing in the production and sales of LED downlights, LED energy-saving lamps, LED spotlights and LED fluorescent lamps. The main application scope of the product: furniture lighting, decorative lighting, auxiliary lighting, corridor aisle lighting, hotel showroom lighting, hotel meeting lighting, etc.

The company has advanced production and testing equipment, and professional LED technicians and experienced R & D personnel. The company's products have passed CE.ROHS certification, energy efficient!

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Learn about the latest corporate news of Fuhongsi Electric, pay attention to the latest industry hotspot information, and focus on the new development direction of the market……

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Indoor small corridor lighting design lighting arrangement method


In the corridor of the indoor space, the light source is an important issue. In addition to the use of sunlight,……

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Matchstick-sized LED flashlight Continuous 64-hour lighting


A small match can trigger a fire, but it can also bring a glimmer of light when you are in the dark.……

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